Who we are

The UGL Railwaymen is a National Federation of the General Union of Labor, a trade union organization that recognizes the centrality of workers: consequently it renounces any claim that is exclusively categorical or only economic. Therefore, it is a unitary association of a confederal nature which, pursuing aims of a general nature, recognizes the peculiarity of each category and territory, but gives up on any type of exclusively sectorial claim.
UGL is one of the most representative trade unions in Italy. It associates with workers and pensioners, without distinction of sex and race, protecting their rights in the world of work. It promotes the establishment of self-protection and solidarity associations and supports their action against all forms of social exclusion. Membership is voluntary and involves acceptance of the statutory principles.

The Ugl Railwaymen specifically deals with protecting the rights and needs of workers in the transport and service sectors, represents workers employed, directly or indirectly, in the railway sector. UGL Railwaymen is a National Federation that has represented the workers of the railway sector for over 70 years, and signed the CCNL (National collective labor agreement ) for over 20 years.
Our aim is to recognize the centrality and dignity of the person, but also reaffirm the irrepressible centrality of the trade union organization for the achievement of every conquest in the world of work and for the social transformation of the national economy.

The Ugl Railwaymen proposes: the definitive overcoming of the political conception of social class, a non-sexist labor policy, a commitment to affirm the economic and social rights of non-EU workers who live in Italy regularly. The Ugl Railway Federation is branched throughout the national territory with the regional and provincial secretariats, with the relative territorial managers elected by the Congress as required by the UGL statute. The Union also wants to provide young people with new goals and opportunities that can help them have greater certainty in their future.

Professional training
Ugl Railwaymen has always promoted training courses in collaboration with the UGL Study and Training Center, contributing to the training of union leaders, male and female workers. The training courses for union leaders and workers are a useful tool to address the issues that are encountered every day in the railway sector; they are also an opportunity to stay constantly updated on current regulations.
It is important to give our managers the opportunity to study the specifics of the company and everything related to the complicated world of work, in order to better undertake relations with workers and companies.
The Ugl Railwaymen also organizes professional orientation courses for all young people entering the world of work. The aim is to orient them in the world of the railway sector and to allow them to face selection tests with serenity and preparation.